What is Quickmii?

Quickmii is the new magic mobile application which allows you to fill out any forms in just 1 second! No more typos, no more mistakes, no more wasting time. We make things easier, faster... simple!

Keep control of your data

Quickmii app keeps your personnal data locally. You decide precisely thanks to the privacy settings what you send and to who. It's up to you ! At any time, no sensitive data are sent without your consent.

Your profile always up-to-date

Nothing simpler! Quickmii will automatically retrieve your data from your favorite social networks. And it always happens locally in your phone.

Keep a history of what you send

Keep a history of all you have sent. With Quickmii, you will always know what, when, where and especially to who you give your data!

Enjoy personnalized tips and deals

More than just a registration, create a special relationship with the brand (or the owner of the Quickmii code scanned) and never miss a good deal!

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On your browser or on a paper

Register to any loyalty programs or contests without filling out something!

Online checkout process

Completely avoid the checkout process! Take care of your cart and just can to register and pay !

Bored to enter same information again and again

Quickmii apps will keep your profile update-to-date by using your social profile connections.

Worried about your privacy and personal data

Quickmii app keeps tracks into your phone of what, when, where and to who you send your information!

Never miss a deal

Too busy to fill a form out after shopping, just scan the Quickmii code and join the loyalty program or get your good deal!

Communicate through TV

Vote ! Join ! Participate to a contest from your sofa!

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