Quickmii for professional

Quickmii allows you to deliver a new unique experience to your customers by helping them during all your conversion processes. Simplify their lives and get closer to them through a new communication channel.

Media or non-media, Quickmii works everywhere!

Collected data without the hassle

No more typos or spelling errors. With Quickmii the gathered data are 100% reliable.

Manage online and offline campaigns

Use our intuitive web manager to create and operate yourself your campaigns 24/7. Insert the Quickmii code on your webiste or print it on your flyers, TV advertisments and so on.

Connect with your CRM and your Information System

Configure Quickmii to send data in your own databases or create workflows. Of course you can simply export the data in different formats.

Improve the relationship with customers

Send push notifications, polls and good deals through the apps and your manager.

Create Quickmii campaign to generate online QM Code on your webpage

Create Quickmii campaign to generate printable QM Code on advertisments, TV, flyers, business cards, T-Shirts and so on

Use the Quickmii communication channel to interact with your new users.
Send push notifications .
Send polls to retrieve information you desire.

Configure a bridge between collected data and your Information System

Chosen profile information from users are directly send in your Information System

Connect the partner interface to your preferred CRM

Export and download collected data.You own the data of your campaigns

All data come from user devices and they have been authorized by users themselves

Create workflows to simplify your business and to get new customers

Connect with us

Keep me updated

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On your browser or on a paper

Instantly get new registrations on your loyalty programs

Online checkout process

Completely avoid the checkout process! Users have to create their cart and after the scan users will be in your System Information and will have paid!

Get some leads

Add Quickmii codes in your magazines or in your revues. Interested Quickmii users will scan them and you will able to exchange with those qualified users!

Know your customers!

You don't have loyalty program, just add a Quickmii code in the entrance of your shop, at the checkout desk or just at the bottom of your menus!

Marketing direct application

Add a Quickmii code where you want and gather qualified profiles interested in your products or services. Think about TV possibilites, receipts and product labels.

Online contact form

Prefill users information and your customers will only focus on their feedbacks!

Build your own !

There are no limits, just use your imagination to speed up your business!

For professional purposes Quickmii is free of charges up to some limits.
Limits and quotas protect the Quickmii infrastructure and will help Quickmii to be better and better.
Become a certified partners and enjoy the Quickmii partners experience.

For at least 6 months! Use Quickmii for FREE!


This plan is to start using and discover Quickmii. It's suited for simple usage.

  • 1 online active campaign
  • 3 offline active campaigns
  • 3,000 pushs per month
  • 1 poll per month
  • 1,000 scans per month
  • Certified partners flags
  • Automatic callback webservice
  • Professionnal support



This plan is perfect for small business using Quickmii.

  • 5 online active campaigns
  • 8 offline active campaigns
  • 10,000 pushs per month
  • 3 polls per month
  • 3,000 scans per month
  • Certified partners flags
  • Automatic callback webservice
  • Professionnal support


This plan is for partners using Quickmii for a lot of professional campaigns.

  • 50 online active campaigns
  • 80 offline active campaigns
  • 100,000 pushs per month
  • 30 polls per month
  • 10,000 scans per month
  • Certified partners flags
  • Automatic callback webservice
  • Professionnal support



This plan is for partners with a galaxy of website and printed campaigns.

  • Unlimited online campaigns
  • Unlimited offline campaigns
  • 500,000 pushs per month
  • Unlimited polls
  • Unlimited scans per month
  • Certified partners flags
  • Automatic callback webservice
  • Professionnal support


Please fell free to contact us if you want to get a plan adapted to your needs.

What do people think ?

Filling forms out is very boring. But it's needed for a lot of actions like registration, e-commerce checkout, program enrollment, job application, contests and so on.

It's so long to fill out a form again and again, and it's too often source of errors.

We need to fill form online but also in the real life, and we fill always forms out with the same data!

Why don't we use all our social information to fill out a form online but also offline???

Here is Quickmii! Use your mobile to fill out forms directly on your screen and/or avoid filling paper forms thanks to a special QR Code.

Obviously, QR code is the simplest way to do it today. We already think about ultra sound recognition, logo recognition and Near Field Communication.

We had transformed the unilateral QR code communication in a bijective communication. Try it now!

Possibilities are unlimited!

If your are mobile user, you will not waste time anymore by filling out something.

If your are a professional, you will able to improve the user experience of your customers like avoiding the complex checkout process on your e-commerce websites.

Sébastien Morel - Quickmii - Co-Founder & CEO/CTO

Sébastien Morel

Co-Founder & CEO/CTO

Sébastien is before all a 10 years experienced engineer in Web and Mobile application development. He worked for the Novactive group in Paris before to create the office in San Francisco.

Nicolas Genty - Quickmii - Co-Founder & CFO

Nicolas Genty

Co-Founder & CFO

Nicolas is the CEO of Novactive, a worldwide Web Agency of 80 employees. He is a serial entrepreneur and rules Novactive for more than 18 years.

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